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Belay Joins Forces in Space!

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Belay is excited to announce a winning partnership with BAE Systems. Together we’ve been awarded a prototyping contract with the US Air Force to redesign the aging Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) for the 21st century.

Belay’s SummitRTS will be the backbone for the new system, providing fast resource provisioning, sensor integration and compliance, and full end-to-end automated testing. Although based out of San Diego, CA, this contract will take Belay’s technology worldwide.

SummitRTS is an Automation Framework that can is capable of managing a large variety of tasks in a rapid, repeatable manner to perform provisioning and testing and other forms of automation. This technology is flexible and scaleable to accommodate large-scale requirements, immediately introduce emerging and changing technologies and respond to agile environment on any device including mobile technology, and now, Satellite technology with Space Based Infrared Systems (SBIRS).

Belay is currently expanding it’s use of SummitRTS to a number of new projects that is showing incredible promise to our growth and reach as a company. Belay is not just using cutting edge technology, we’re creating cutting edge technology!

Belay Tech’s SummitRTS Provides Solutions for AFCEA Symposium

Business News and Announcements
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Belay Tech threw our hat into the ring to be a presenter for the AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium coming to Baltimore! We addressed some key requirements for the Intelligence Community that can be solved with our in-house tool SummitRTS!

SummitRTS (U.S. Patent Pending) is a versatile, flexible automation Framework that offers a Provisioning service and task execution engine.  The power of this tool is that it can be utilized to ensure that platforms, infrastructures and technologies are being successfully implemented under Unified Capabilities effort by the DoD.  It can rapidly assure that the products are inter-operational and secure as each phase is being introduced in an enterprise environment.  It can quickly exercise and manipulate the applications and platforms to ensure that there are no unintended consequences or failures.  Additionally, SummitRTS is capable of 24/7 testing in an exponentially expanded environment to ensure the security of PII, as well as identify potential system failures as a preventative measure to ensure there are  no outages and that the environment remains consistently and vigorously protected.

The SummitRTS framework is capable of quickly executing multiple actions against a matrix of Operating Systems, versions, patch levels, languages and applications with no user interaction. SummitRTS  is capable of software installation, machine or software  configuration, upgrade/patch applications, security testing, troubleshooting networks and more. SummitRTS leverages common APIs to control and interact with virtual machines to significantly speed up and stabilize functions for software development, testing, system administration, security, networking and similar projects.

Belay is Working with Google!

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EXCITING NEWS! Belay Technologies is working with Google to develop unique solutions to customer-specific problems for the Federal Government.

Belay Technologies is currently becoming certified as a Google Partner to further jointly develop these new solutions as well as bring Google products to all of our contracts.

Belay Tech talks SummitRTS at AFCEA Luncheon

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Belay Technologies President and Owner, Jake Stokes, had the great honor of speaking at the AFCEA Central Maryland Chapter Luncheon to discuss Belay Technologies latest and greatest achievements.  He discussed our growth as an up-and-coming DoD IT Services contractor, and featured our newly released Automated Testing tool, SummitRTS (patent pending).

Belay Technologies has made an impact in the overall intelligence community with multiple solutions aimed at improving efficiency and quality in the IT sector.  This expertise lead to the creation of our in-house solution SummitRTS, which has also allowed us to be a valued contributing partner on multiple teams and contracts where our expertise is required to assist with the mission(s) of our government customer.

Belay Technologies was founded in 2008 and is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) specializing in cleared work for the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC).  Currently Belay Technologies is a subcontractor on 14 DoD contracts. In addition to acting as a subject matter expert on test automation, we provide full stack software development, systems and networking engineering and administration, database engineering and help desk capabilities.

Jake Stokes demonstrated to the AFCEA Luncheon attendees the values of SummitRTS and the capabilities of Belay Technologies.  Our continued branching out to various contracts in a subcontracting capacity has poised Belay Technologies for continued growth and the ability to bring our ‘smart’ solutions to a broader base of customers, both inside the intelligence community and beyond in commercial/private sector, in the future.

Student Loan Payment Program

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Belay Tech does our best to keep our fingers on the pulse of opportunity and benefits for our employees.  Today we are excited to announce a new benefit that we are rolling out for 2017.  We have always offered an education reimbursement program for college coursework, training, certifications and conferences, but we are adding a new feature – Student Loan Payment!

This is our way of recognizing the challenges faced by the newly graduating workforce of high student loans that take half a lifetime to pay off… or those still paying for their degree they obtained half a lifetime ago!  Degrees are relevant in our line of work, and we want to remove any burden carried over from your days as a student while you are ramping up your career.  

Join #TeamBelay and enjoy the rewards and benefits of a company that truly cares about your growth, efforts and contributions!  

Launch News: Invoke-Automation Blog

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Justin Sider, CIO and Senior Software Engineer for Belay Tech, is launching a blog called Invoke-Automation to give the power of automation to the system administrator. The focus will be on writing about Automation and virtualization projects, notes, summaries, etc. updated from the point of view of the System Administrator! The really cool thing about this blog is it highlights the passion and interest that is such a big part of #TeamBelay and we are excited to share it with our team and with you.

Read Justin’s Blog


Business News and Announcements

Belay Technologies recently was invited onto the MIDDLEWARE contract as a contributor to the project. We are excited about this new opportunity to fulfill goals on the contract and have Belay acting as a valued contributor for the customer mission.