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SummitRTS hits the News!!



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Belay Technologies releases SummitRTS

COLUMBIA, MD September 11, 2017: Belay Technologies is proud to announce the release of SummitRTS: a new innovative and highly efficient testing framework.

SummitRTS is a patented Automation Framework that offers a provisioning service and task execution engine, capable of software installation, machine or software configuration, upgrade/patch applications, security testing, troubleshooting networks and more. SummitRTS leverages common APIs to control and interact with virtual machines to significantly speed up and stabilize functions for software development, testing, system administration, security, networking and similar projects.

The patented SummitRTS framework is capable of quickly executing multiple actions against a matrix of Operating Systems, versions, patch levels, languages and applications with no user interaction. The Developer/Tester/System Administrator selects the environment and the test plan, SummitRTS handles everything else from the provisioning of a clean testing environment, to the installation and configuration of software, to the execution of the test plan, reverting to original state and publishing of the results to the User Interface.

Removing the human element and utilizing our “set it and forget it” approach, SummitRTS runs 24/7, increasing throughput, decreasing false positives, and keeping pace with agile development. SummitRTS can run millions of test cases a month without a single tester on staff, significantly decreasing testing costs while significantly increasing reliability and testing cycles. “SummitRTS is an innovative, cost savings framework that brings cutting edge technology to any project large or small.” states Jacob Stokes, President & CEO of Belay Technologies.
SummitRTS is now available for both government contract and commercial application.
For more information on SummitRTS contact Jacob Stokes at or visit SummitRTS is Patent Pending.

Belay Technologies is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business in the Baltimore-Washington area, providing leading technology and engineering services to the DoD, as well as state-of-the-art commercial products.

Belays’ Morgan Rone is Published!



Valued Belay Tech Employee Morgan Rone is published by Stevenson University for her excellent and indepth analysis of digital forensics in a piece titled “Digital Roads Less Traveled in Criminal Investigations: New Sources of Digital Evidence.”  It is a great article on the various means of utilizing digital information in criminal cases, the legal issues and consequences, and the benefits of digital forensics.  Her opening paragraph states:

“The primary goal of forensic investigators is to collect as much
information and evidence as possible regarding a criminal case
to identify, charge, and convict the correct suspect. The more
information that law enforcement officers have access to, the stronger
the case will be against the suspect. In recent years, digital evidence
has become crucial to the success and accuracy in solving criminal
cases and convicting the suspects involved.”

Morgan explores the evidence collected through digital means, the legal requirements for such evidence and the challenges it creates. This article is a great example of the talent on our team!  Please click on the link below to read the full article on page 74 of the journal:

Living Will Voucher Option


Belay Tech cares tremendously about our people, we are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents!  We are people first, and Belay Tech puts us first!

We do our best to provide safety and security in #TeamBelay’s professional and personal life including life-planning options that give peace of mind. We now offer a paid voucher for a Living Will and Health Directive with a qualified Attorney.

Belay Tech also has fully maximized life insurance/disability options already being provided.  Our goal is to eliminate worries and ensure that you are taken care of in ways that free you up to enjoy life both professionally and personally, and we feel that this new voucher option can provide just another layer of support.  Here’s to a long healthy life! #BelayCares