Belay Tech threw our hat into the ring to be a presenter for the AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium coming to Baltimore! We addressed some key requirements for the Intelligence Community that can be solved with our in-house tool SummitRTS!

SummitRTS (U.S. Patent Pending) is a versatile, flexible automation Framework that offers a Provisioning service and task execution engine.  The power of this tool is that it can be utilized to ensure that platforms, infrastructures and technologies are being successfully implemented under Unified Capabilities effort by the DoD.  It can rapidly assure that the products are inter-operational and secure as each phase is being introduced in an enterprise environment.  It can quickly exercise and manipulate the applications and platforms to ensure that there are no unintended consequences or failures.  Additionally, SummitRTS is capable of 24/7 testing in an exponentially expanded environment to ensure the security of PII, as well as identify potential system failures as a preventative measure to ensure there are  no outages and that the environment remains consistently and vigorously protected.

The SummitRTS framework is capable of quickly executing multiple actions against a matrix of Operating Systems, versions, patch levels, languages and applications with no user interaction. SummitRTS  is capable of software installation, machine or software  configuration, upgrade/patch applications, security testing, troubleshooting networks and more. SummitRTS leverages common APIs to control and interact with virtual machines to significantly speed up and stabilize functions for software development, testing, system administration, security, networking and similar projects.