“Happy Employees Make Happy Customers”

We go the distance in providing career growth opportunities, competitive pay, excellent benefits, career work/life balance and company fun for our team!

Belay Brags

#WINNING! Belay Technologies is voted #1 WINNER for Baltimore Business Journal’s (BBJ) Best Places to Work (small business). We truly believe that happy employees make happy customers, and we do our best to accomplish that. This achievement was based on votes by our own team, and is a huge vote of confidence towards our efforts to truly care for and build our employees!! We put a lot of thought into how we can make your career as supportive to your life as possible, with our benefits designed to ease your mind and provide a solid safety net. Thank you #TeamBelay for participating and giving us this opportunity to show everyone what we are all about!

Dedication to Excellence

The Customer recognized #TeamBelay employee Abhay for his excellent leadership on project and provided the following testimonial describing his commitment to the program.

“Thank you for your invaluable technical expertise and extreme dedication to the mission.”

Abhay was recognized by the customer for his valiant efforts in modifying the visualization tool to allow for the customer to perform additional data analysis that directly contributed to a matter of national security. Along with his development team, Abhay was featured in a customer accomplishment write-up that gained significant visibility to customer leadership. We will be giving him a Be Bold Recognition Chip in honor of his efforts to this important mission cause.

Leading Belay with Product Development

Justin Sider

Justin Sider, Belay’s Lead Systems Engineer and CIO, is a Technical Team Lead on a major contract where he manages and owns a task which he leads efficiently and at the pace of demand which is high. In addition to his efforts on contract, he built our product, SummitRTS, an automated provisioning and software tool, that has recently won us work on two major contracts with two intelligence agencies. He assisted in writing the patent for this tool, conducted presentations, participated in business meetings and demos to showcase, and spoke at various events including VMWorld conference. He found uses and solutions for the tool that has expanded our business tremendously and made a name for Belay. His efforts have been relentless and have had a huge impact on our success. He has created other tools and provided technical support to our IT infrastructure for the business, recently developing a plan for our new office space that we needed to fulfill work on the tool he created, and he is implementing the IT plan, pricing, etc.