SummitRTS is officially patented!! This Non-provisional Patent for our System and Method of Rapid and Repeatable Provisioning and Regression Testing is nearly two years in the making, and claims SummitRTS capabilities as unique and protected!

Since its creation by #TeamBelay this tool has grown in scope and capability, it’s a sleek and versatile product that is doing so much more than just provisioning and testing – it can automate any tasks in a virtual environment! It’s currently leading work with the United States Air Force initiative for modernization of space-based satellite systems, as well as opening the door to exciting commercial work for Belay!

SummitRTS is currently being moved into the cloud for increased efficiency and growth, which will expand the capabilities beyond measure! There is so much more to come from this vision that was turned to life by our SMEs in automation, and we can’t wait to share it!