Valued Belay Tech Employee Morgan Rone is published by Stevenson University for her excellent and in-depth analysis of digital forensics in a piece titled “Digital Roads Less Traveled in Criminal Investigations: New Sources of Digital Evidence.”  It is a great article on the various means of utilizing digital information in criminal cases, the legal issues and consequences, and the benefits of digital forensics.  Her opening paragraph states:

“The primary goal of forensic investigators is to collect as much
information and evidence as possible regarding a criminal case
to identify, charge, and convict the correct suspect. The more
information that law enforcement officers have access to, the stronger
the case will be against the suspect. In recent years, digital evidence
has become crucial to the success and accuracy in solving criminal
cases and convicting the suspects involved.”

Morgan explores the evidence collected through digital means, the legal requirements for such evidence and the challenges it creates. This article is a great example of the talent on our team!  Please click on the link below to read the full article on page 74 of the journal: