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We Take Care of Our People! #TeamBelay

Success Stories

Here at Belay Tech, our priority is in our people.  They are the foundation of our company and the champions of our success, and we strive to give to them the kind of lifestyle and support at Belay that shows just how much we value them on #TeamBelay!  Jason Clark, a Senior Systems Administrator and Leader of Fun at Belay, shared this message with us following his one year anniversary, and it captures exactly what we hope our employees feel about us:

Good Morning!  I just wanted to take a moment and say “Thank you” for an amazing year.  I don’t think you know just how much I appreciate the little things that Belay does.  From reaching out for feedback on events, to taking suggestions, to asking for opinions on benefits, to taking us to lunch, buying us clothes etc… I mean, you’ve take the whole “What am I going to wear to work today” question out of the equation.

The fact that you are concerned with our happiness and are committed to it while building an awesome company is paramount to our success.  My father, always says, “Son, take care of your people and your people will take care of you”.  Belay epitomizes that philosophy.  You take care of us, and I hope everyone else feels the same way I do.

Thank you again for everything.


P.S.- The baseball game was awesome.  It was my first time in a suite.  We had a blast and my son only wants to sit in the “cushy chairs” from now on, so I guess I need to step my game up!


Employee Praise: Awesome Work-Life Balance

Success Stories

How great is it to work at Belay? Check out this message we received from one of our employees:

“The culture of a company comes from the top down.  Belay is a smart and forward thinking company, very team-oriented, driven, socially responsible, and all in a fun and relaxed environment.  When you believe in the company as much as I do, it’s hard to imagine working anywhere else!

I’m very thankful to Belay and to you both for all you do for us. I love that you all allow me the ability to partner in ideas, allow me to take ownership and self-accountability for projects, and the ability to have an awesome work-life balance.  People become motivated and stay engaged with a company when they believe in the mission, the team they work with, and when they believe in the company.  You have been very successful in creating this environment for everyone at Belay”

Ruger Got Adopted

Success Stories
dog adoption

Belay Tech is happy to announce another animal rescue for our pet adoption program.

Our employee writes: “This dog, we are naming him Ruger, is phenomenal!  He is a pure bred english lab.  He was surrendered by his original owner because she couldn’t take him to a new place when she moved.  At 1.5 years he still has tons of energy but he was calm and everything when we met him.  Really glad Belay has this reimbursement to encourage people to get rescues.”

Success Story: George

Success Stories

Lead from PANORAMA says:

I’d like to recognize George. He and a colleague have been the only dedicated developers on the modernization effort and with their hard work they were able to meet the deadline of migrating all of TUEARTH functionality into the new architecture on time. There was a lot of doubt whether it could get done, but they worked hard and focused on what was important and got it done. I’m really glad that George transitioned to BLUEROCKET. He is having a tremendous impact.

Success Story

Success Stories
performance climbing

Our team did a wonderful job managing the Windows update process that patches over 1000 machines in an automated way and took the lead of this task, ensuring the successful completion of the task, as well as re-mediating some common problems along the way. They continued the WSUS process while faced with some hardware adversity and kept our user base and ticketing system up to date, this continuous improvements to the process have streamlined the import process saving over 48 hours to the delivery of the service. Our team did a great job communicating with our leadership and operations team to ensure that tasks were getting completed appropriately, and met with several vendors to ensure that we had appropriate upgrade plans that will help us achieve our scheduled delivery date for services.