6 October 2016

Laser Tag

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Join #TeamBelay for LaserTag on October 13, 2016 at 3:30 for food, fun and meet our team! No pressure or recruiting at the event, just a good time and a chance to get to know more about us in a fun way. Please RSVP to LeadTheWay@BelayTech.com if you’d like to join in!

6 October 2016


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Belay Technologies recently was invited onto the MIDDLEWARE contract as a contributor to the project. We are excited about this new opportunity to fulfill goals on the contract and have Belay acting as a valued contributor for the customer mission.

6 October 2016

Success Story

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Our team did a wonderful job managing the Windows update process that patches over 1000 machines in an automated way and took the lead of this task, ensuring the successful completion of the task, as well as re-mediating some common problems along the way. They continued the WSUS process while faced with some hardware adversity […]

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