Dedication to Excellence

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The Customer recognized #TeamBelay employee Abhay for his excellent leadership on project and provided the following testimonial describing his commitment to the program.

“Thank you for your invaluable technical expertise and extreme dedication to the mission.”

Abhay was recognized by the customer for his valiant efforts in modifying the visualization tool to allow for the customer to […]

Launch News: Invoke-Automation Blog

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Justin Sider, CIO and Senior Software Engineer for Belay Tech, is launching a blog called Invoke-Automation to give the power of automation to the system administrator. The focus will be on writing about automation and virtualization projects, notes, summaries, etc. updated from the point of view of the System Administrator! The really cool thing […]

Employee Praise: Awesome Work-Life Balance

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How great is it to work at Belay? Check out this message we received from one of our employees:

“The culture of a company comes from the top down.  Belay is a smart and forward thinking company, very team-oriented, driven, socially responsible, and all in a fun and relaxed environment.  When you believe in the company as much […]

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